Replacing Seat Cushion Foam

August 24th, 2015 | By | Posted in Uncategorized

Over time and usage, you may find that the cushions of your seats may no longer feel the same.  Whether the cushions are in your sofa, a love seat, easy chairs in your living room,or the dining room chairs, they will lose a bit of their comfort over time and may feel flat and bumpy.  Whatever the case may be as for which seat cushions are affected, you can greatly benefit from replacing this material. There is not a one size fits all type of foam to choose from.  For help in selecting the right type of foam contact us.

The top benefits of replacing seat cushion foam is that you will immediately notice a vast improvement in the comfort of sitting on a seat that consists of new foam with a dacron wrap. Additionally, the seats will look better and will be more plush than they were with the old cushion foam.  You will feel better when sitting on new cushion foam  and it may even be able to improve your health as it is not good to sit on deflated foam in which you may be lopsided and not have the proper back support.

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